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With great joy, our Religious Family of the Cistercian Sisters of Charity welcomed the definitive YES of Sr. Maria Emanuela Atimango of Saint Anthony of Padua who on  30th September, during the Eucharistic celebration presided over by the Bishop of Anagni-alatri Monsignor Ambrogio Spreafico and in the hands of Mother Maria Patrizia Piva made her perpetual professione.

Sr. Emanuela, born in Uganda in the Diocese of Nebbi, made her first religious profession in 2016. In these years of formation, experiencing the faithfulness of God, she made the definitive choice to give herself to Him in the following of Jesus, embracing precisely the life and mission of our Congregation. With perpetual religious profession she definitively welcomes the invitation of God who wants to totally consecrate her life to himself. Through the vows of obedience (free surrender of our will), poverty (spontaneous renunciation of material goods) and chastity (desire to love God above all things in order to radiate His love for every man in the world) Sr. Emanuela is called to proclaim that before God everything is relative, choose to make God everything of her life‚ to be on earth a reflection of what she will be in eternal life: one thing with Him (Jesus), the only true good that deserves to be desired. She is also called to answer Yes to Jesus who called her to live with Him in the spirit of prayer, apostolate and charity following the footsteps of Mother Claudia of the Cross, working with children, with the youth, with the families and with the elderly .

Let us accompany her with our prayer that the Lord may grant her fidelity to Him and all the graces she needs for the mission that will be entrusted to her.

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La conoscenza diretta delle persone, dei luoghi e delle effettive necessità locali permette alle nostre suore di usare al meglio le offerte ricevute senza sprechi, realizzando progetti importanti di cui è possibile seguire lo sviluppo in piena trasparenza.


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