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Mission - Hoima, UG



Cistercian Sisters of Charity P.O Box 482
Hoima - Uganda
Contact: 00256-465-40468

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Thanks: WEBALE

God: Ruhanga

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Uganda is the pearl of Africa, a country on the equator, where the Nile originates and it's an ancient land dominated by the Rwenzori mountains, and the Rift Valley lakes; Victoria, Edward, George and Albert.

In the west of this country the evangelization proposal of Mother Claudia has been embodied in a mission by the Congregation of the Cistercian Sisters of Charity since 1998. By then it was the bishop Deogratias Muganwa Byabazaire of Hoima Catholic Diocese who availed land in the small hill of Rwenkobe, about two hundred kilometers from Kampala the capital city.

The first missionaries were Sister M. Enrica Rinaldi, Sister M. Daniel Campanello and the three Ugandan sisters; M. Annet Nyangoma, M. Cecilia Josephine Namudira and Restituta Namugumya. Since 1999, the Mission was provided with a porter, a hostel and an artesian well which was donated by the missionary group of "St. Michael the Archangel" at Monte Sant'Angelo (Foggia) for the supply of drinking water, and from which all the villagers draw.

In 2002 the foundation stone for the construction of the kindergarten-Mother Claudia was laid and in February of 2003 the school kicked off with the first 20 children who enrolled. Today the enrolled children are 145 who are accommodated in a large structure extended between 2007 and 2008, with a wing entirely built from scratches, thanks for the funding of Mrs. Josephine Quitadamo of Mount Saint Angelo.
In another development, in the year 2005 there was the opening of the Mission church dedicated to the Virgin Mary of Loreto, in remembrance and thanksgiving for the contributions in works and donations bestowed by the homonym parish of Delia (Caltanissetta). In the year 2010 the Primary School in Rwenkobe was opened, and that same year the construction of the novitiate in Kampala commenced.


Rwenkobe is a village surrounded by the equatorial rain forests, near Lake Albert and Kabalega National Park. It is located in Hoima district, the land of the Banyoro ethnic group. In the fourteenth century this area was the northern province of Uganda's oldest indigenous political party: the Empire of Kitara, which was invaded in the sixteenth century by the Luo, a Nilotic ethnic group of people who migrated from the north.
The Luo clan occupied the Bunyoro region in particular giving rise to the powerful kingdom of Bunyoro - Kitara, and the dynasty Babiito kings. Until today this tribe recognizes the role of the king. The reigning king is Omukama Solomon Iguru Gafabusa Akiiki, who was re-instated by the Uganda government in respect of the local traditions.
In the Mission at Rwenkobe, the daughters of Mother Claudia use English, the language of the former European colonizers and official language, and Runyoro, one of 450Bantu languages. Each person has empaako, which is a pet-name that shows affection and respect: the children call their parents with these special names, which are normally used in greetings.
Empaako are words in Luo language, a linguistic relic of ancient invasion from the north. For recognition and reputation each of the missionary sisters has been assigned one:
- Abwooli, cat, a beautiful and pleasant little person
- Adyeeri, boring, an unattractive person
- Araali, lightning, esteemed children
- Akiiki, sir, for the most remarkable and successful people
- Atwooki, cotton, for a person to clear and clean, especially in actions
- Abooki, dignity, for small girls
- Apuuli, for young respected men
- Acaali, dignified, for small children
- Ateenyi, Snake of Muziizi River, is used in traditional medicine for people of strong character
- Amooti, a table flower, for someone beautiful and relaxing


Human promotion: work and school: The Mission at Rwenkobe aims at alleviating material poverty of families affected and to this end, the sisters provide some financial assistance to the women who cultivate their gardens and share with them food from the harvest. The Mission also educates and trains young children, thanks for the establishment of the nursery. The sisters also attend to older children and young people of the village who frequent the mission for acquiring domestic skills.
The movements and activities of the mission are facilitated by a van, put at the service of the whole community in 2008 by a missionary group of "St. Michael the Archangel." Through sponsorships, the Mission also provides school education, nutritional support and health care to the needy. Recognizing the importance of assuring the future generations with the possibility of a prolonged education, the Congregation is also planning to open a primary school that can accommodate 7 classrooms with about 300 children.
The Christian formation: The sisters at Rwenkobe are doing their utmost in teaching catechism of children, adults and families. Some sisters are devoted particularly to the youth ministry and vocations, organizing prayer groups, educational and recreational experiences. There is also a Centre for Spirituality, which welcomes seminarians, priests, religious and laity for retreats, prayer and meditation. The Mission is in fact a small oasis of peace and spirituality.


Sr. M. Cecilia Josephine Namudira
Nata a Bugalo - Uganda

Sr. Mary Frances Obbo
Nata a Torono, Kampala - Uganda

Sr. M. Annet Nyangoma
Nata a Kitoba - Uganda

Sr. M. Martina Akumu
Nata a Kisoko - Uganda

Sr. M. Agripina Bahati Nabwire
Nata a Dabani - Uganda

Sr. M. Kevin Akol
Nata a Soroti - Uganda

Sr. M. Winfred Nalyongho
Nata in Uganda

Martina - Nata in Uganda
Rosemary - Nata in Uganda
Catherine -nata in Uganda
Bernadete - nata in Uganda

LuKa 6, 20-23
The Beatitudes

20 Looking at his disciples, he said:
“Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.
21 Blessed are you who hunger now, for you will be satisfied. Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh.
22 Blessed are you when people hate you, when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil, because of the Son of Man.
23 “Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in heaven. For that is how their ancestors treated the prophets.

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